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The Master Index of the photographic archive (linked below) lists all the photographic items currently held by the National Railway Museum, and is updated on this site every six months.

We are not able to guarantee copyright of these photographs. It is the responsibility of the individual seeking the images to establish copyright before use.

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Oral History collection

The NRM's oral history collection is gradually being produced for public consumption in a podcast form. These podcasts can be found here.


Digitised archive

Names of South Australian Railway Stations with meanings and derivations

South Australian Railways appointments 1909-1949 (please note this document is not yet complete, it is a work in progress)


South Australia's use of three separate mainline gauges caused numerous problems for railway operations. The publication Mixed Gauge Muddle, which is available as a display at the Museum and can also be accessed below, covers this topic in detail and assists in understanding how it all worked.

Publication is copyrighted to Graham Vincent and is for personal use only, not for commercial use or publication elsewhere.

Mixed Gauge Muddle



Accident Crane 3

Ballast Wagon BAS615

Bluebird Railcar 257

Bogie Composite Brake Van 7553

Bogie Flat Wagon FNT7850

Bogie Match Wagon AMW4015

Bogie Steel Vans M7346, M7038 and MG39

Bogie Well Wagon WL8200

Brill Railcar 8

Brill Railcar 41

Bogie Refrigerator Car RBP9003

Boomerang Train

Brake and Crew Van AVEP349

Brake Van 276

Brake Van 4074

Brake Van AVAP396 (8394)

Budd Railcar CB1

Butcher's Van FA640

Caboose 4367

Cafeteria Car C1

Car 3

Cattle Van Cf26

Centenary Baggage Carriage 376

Commissioner's Car - Murray

Covered Van DA4346

Covered Van V260

Dining Car DA52

Dogbox 294

Dynamometer Car

Explosives Van

First Class Sleeping Car AR33

Flat Car FB8500

Fuel Tank TC8463

Ganger's 3 Wheel Pump Trike

Ganger's 4 Wheel Pump Car B179

Ganger's Motor Pump Car

Ganger's Trolley CC165

Ganger's Trolley F40

Ganger's Trolley F147

Ganger's Trolley F171

Ganger's Trolley M

Ganger's Trolley M183

Ganger's Trolley S50

Ganger's Trolley SD101

Ganger's Trolley T123

Ganger's Trolley Unpowered

Hopper Wagon Hfn5108

Locomotive 4 - Peronne

Locomotive 304 and Locomotive 306

Locomotive 409

Locomotive 504 - Tom Barr Smith

Locomotive 515

Locomotive 517

Locomotive 523 - Essington Lewis

Locomotive 624

Locomotive 702

Locomotive 752

Locomotive 801

Locomotive 900 - Lady Norrie

Locomotive 930

Locomotive A21

Locomotive BHP4

Locomotive Chitty

Locomotive DE91

Locomotive E1

Locomotive ETSA1

Locomotive F255

Locomotive G1

Locomotive GM2

Locomotive ICI Ruston

Locomotive Juliet

Locomotive NM34

Locomotive NSU61

Locomotive P117

Locomotive Rx93

Locomotive Skipper

Locomotive T253

Locomotive W25 - H. F. Gerry Walsh

Locomotive Wheels

Locomotive Y12

Locomotive Y97

Lounge Car AFA93

Louvred Van DWf4724

Matisa Tamper RP73/72

Motorised Inspection Car 4

Open Wagon AOWF58

Open Wagon G363

Open Wagon OB32

Open Wagon Y5017 (restored as NGAS373) & Y5019

Open Wagon YY4913

Open Wagon YY4947

Pay Car PA281

Provision Van

Pullman Dining Car - Adelaide

Railcar 321

Railcar 400

Railcar 2006

Railcar 2112

Second Class Car 144

Second Class Sitting Car BE42

Sheep Van Sf160

Sleeping Car 112 - Baroota

Sleeping Car Allambi

Sleeping Car Onkaparinga

Steel Car 606

Steel Hopper Wagon Z3236

Steel Louvred Van V1990

Steel Open Wagon OF439

Steel Open Wagon Y3582

Suburban End and Centre Loading Car 446

Tank Car TV4872

Tank Wagon TSB691

Toyota Land Cruiser Hi-Rail

Travelling Crane 2327

Travelling Post Office Van Willochra

Truck Placer TP 135

Vice Regal Car

Wagon ON929

Water Tank Wagon 5506

Wooden Van N251

Workmen's Van ESV8131





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