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Format of the Educational Material

  • Educational packages are based on the rolling stock, exhibits, travelling exhibitions, housed in Fitch and Fluck Pavilion, Goods Shed and Museum site
  • All material is available to teachers and students via the internet (Museum's website)
  • Material self-service, ie teachers choose from suggested projects and choose what is suitable for the age, ability of their students
  • Teachers will be able to put together their own worksheets and activities for the students prior to their visit
  • Project material is suitable for class years K to 7

Summary of Research

  • The Educational Section has been designed in accordance to the statements and profiles of the state curriculum
  • Department of Education Training and Development – Obtained Overview of SA Curriculum, Standards and Accountability Framework – understanding learning areas, how children are currently being taught and assessed
  • Investigation of existing educational material from primary, secondary and online resources

Museum Bookings

Admission fee - please contact the Museum. All teachers, parents and carers are free up to the ratio indicated by the Department for Education (see below). A free train ride is included in the price of admission. Train ride availability is subject to the train’s operational status. Telephone (08) 8341 1690 for bookings or further information.

Time - Planning

It is suggested that you allow approximately 60 - 90 minutes to make the visit effective.

Supervision and Behaviour

  • Provide a sufficient number of adult supervisors for the age and ability of your children. Ratios Preschool to Year 2 1:6, Years 3-7 1:10,  Years 8-12 1:15
  • Adult supervisors (admitted free) are responsible for the supervision of the students and should remain with their students at all times. The Museum does not accept responsibility for any students left unattended
  • Running is not permitted in the Museum
  • Please remember that there are other visitors in the Museum e.g. other schools, families and tourists and we ask that students please keep noise levels down and consider the impact of their behaviour on other visitors
  • Do not enter areas that are locked, chained or display restriction signs for safety and/ or security reasons
  • Be careful when climbing on ladders and stairs - always use the hand rails when entering or exiting the exhibits. Where signposted, or where steps are steep, always face the exhibit when entering or exiting the exhibit. Do not climb on the boilers, or in the tenders of the locos
  • Read the safety signs
  • ‘Mind the gap’ - this is the space between exhibits and the platform
  • Train rides - Please keep all parts of body within the confines of the carriage. Children must be supervised at all times

Lunch, Refreshments and Bag Storage

  • You are welcome to bring food/drink and eat in the covered eating area
  • There is no eating and drinking in the pavilions
  • Bag storage arrangements can be made with the Museum volunteers in the Bookshop. No responsibility will be taken for loss/damage of valuables


  • Male, female and disabled toilets are adjacent to the eating area
  • A water fountain is situated in the eating area
  • Bookshop - Railway books, CD’s, DVD’s, souvenirs, ice-cream can be purchased
  • Drink and snack machines are located within the Museum - refer to the map
  • Pass-out tickets are available from the Bookshop

Museum Map

  • Rolling stock exhibits are marked on the map
  • Displays and exhibitions marked on the map
  • Circumstances may occur whereby exhibits mentioned in this pack may not be accessible
  • Train rides are free and depart from Callington station

First Aid/Emergency/Assembly Area/ Fire Exits 

  • The Museum has clearly marked exists throughout the site. For safety reasons the workshops and loco sheds are not open to visitors
  • In an emergency, a announcement will be made over on the Museum PA system. Ensure all your group are present and make your way to the nearest fire exit as directed by signs and/or Museum staff/volunteers. The assembly point is outside the double Cyclone gates adjacent to the car park  - refer to the map
  • Report to the Bookshop if First Aid is required or you wish to report any issues. Schools should bring their own First Aider and Kit


All volunteers have undertaken a National Police Check and Working With Children Check.

Risk Management Plan

  • Refer to the Hazard Awareness Table to assist teachers/group leaders in risk management planning for their education group excursion to the Museum
  • Students should be briefed of hazards prior to the visit. Note this is only a guide.

 Hazard Awareness Table – guide only

Area of site Possible Hazard Action
Museum site - outside

Trips, slips and fall
Members of public present

Close adult supervision
Children not to run
Safety signage


Trips, slips and fall
Members of public present

Close adult supervision
Students to explore  and learn in group environment rather than en masse

Rolling stock/exhibits

Trips, slips and falls
Carriage steps up/down
Members of public present
Finger/s trapped in doors
Hard train parts (buffers etc)

Close adult supervision
Children not to slam doors or windows
No running in the pavilions
Safety signage/barriers/chains
Areas restricted for safety, e.g. locomotive cabs
Signage - e.g. no climbing over/on the exhibits – locos
Always use the hand rails when entering or exiting the exhibits. Where signposted, or where steps are steep, always face the exhibit when entering or exiting the exhibit.

Exhibits – interactive

Pinch points,/levers
Members of public present

Adult to be present at all times
Exhibits have safety guards

Train ride

Trip, fall
Step up/down in the carriage
Members of public present

Close adult supervision
Train driver/guard briefs the students prior to their ride

Toilets, Shop Trips, slips and fall
Members of public present

Adult to be present at all times
Children not to run

Rail crossings Trip, fall, impact, crush

Close adult supervision
Warning bells
Safety signage – Look out for trains

pdfDownload essential pre-visit information for teachers and schools


Visit the NRM

76 Lipson Street
Port Adelaide
South Australia  5015
Open Daily / 10am – 4:30pm





5-15 yrs & with an adult


2 adults & up to 3 children


  • Prices may vary for special events
  • EFTPOS is preferred payment method
  • Open from 12pm on ANZAC Day
  • Closed Christmas Day

Phone: 8341 1690

The National Railway Museum acknowledges the Kaurna people as the traditional owners and custodians of the Adelaide Plains. We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country. We aim to respect the cultural heritage, customs and beliefs of all Indigenous people.

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